About Us

Mico’s is a family-run business striving to bring to its customers a taste of home.

We are young and energetic food enthusiasts who are passionate about Filipino dishes and treats and delivering their unique flavours to the local community to the highest standard. We believe food tells an amazing story about our culture and we’re excited to serve up the best offerings of the Philippines’ rich culinary selection.

Headed by Chef Reneil del Rosario, we have more than a decade’s experience serving the freshest and tastiest authentic Filipino cuisines, and running food businesses which always endeavor to put customer satisfaction first and foremost. We believe in offering great value and ensuring our customers walk away fulfilled and yet wanting to go back for seconds.

Mico’s is created out of a passion to provide exceptional food service, and to make it simple and convenient to get that comforting taste of home. Check out our online store for our diverse selection of goodies for delivery, and in 2021, you can try out our casual dining restaurant in Western Sydney. Watch this space for the exciting new location!